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Rahmat* (Mercy for All) charitable organization is supporting the poor orphaned families in Iran for more than 20 years. It has been unofficially active since 1988 and has become a registered organization since 1998 due to the development of activities and increase in number of families. From that time forward, a new chapter of social work services started in the organization.

* The name of the organization is borrowed from Holy Quran, Surah Al-Anbia’, Verse 107.

Our performance is highly based on this very belief that: “The most important issue in helping a person is respecting their self-esteem.” The main part of aiding someone in need, is maintaining their dignity and reputation.

Primary objectives in Rahmat follow elevating spiritual conditions, drawing a better future, and rebuilding the characters of those who are being supported, in order to gain self-confidence and financial self-sufficiency.

We are honored to deliver social work services to more than 250 families so far. These families fall into two categories:

– Permanent Families: those who are receiving full services and facilities.

– Floating Families: those who are receiving parts of services and facilities. This group includes the families who have reached financial and spiritual self- sufficiency to some extent

One of the basic purposes is training the kids in the very heart of the family; the kids who are deprived of having father. In this regard, we try to boost the mental and moral condition of mothers to enrich their emotional, mental and cultural status.

The entire staff in the organization is working voluntarily and no one is paid for what they do or offer. This enables us to spend the whole payments for needy families.

The main active teams in Rahmat consist of Social Work Team, Healthcare Team, Education Team, Housing Team, Work Team, Marriage Team, Research Team and Supplying Team.

Obviously it is out of our reach to aid all needy people, but we do our best to offer an example of Humanistic-Islamic version of assistance.

We hope to be able to do our human duty in the best possible way.

Rahmat charitable organization has always been after an atmosphere in which “the culture of compassion” could be spread regardless of individual profits or business exchanges. Our mission is supporting the orphans who are deprived of desirable economic and cultural situation. We are to accompany these kids on their way towards emotional maturity, self-confidence and financial self-sufficiency, by providing comprehensive supports such as food, clothes, housing, education and healthcare services.

Those who are being supported by Rahmat, do not realize that there is a charitable organization helping them. The social workers deliver the services as their aunt, uncle, family friend and so on. In fact, they are no longer official social workers; their empathy and friendship result in sharing good feelings among them.

We know that we ourselves are more in need: in need of compassion…

We have to be thankful to God to give us such opportunity…