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Education Team

The Education Team is one of the youngest active teams in the organization who is in charge of educating the students from elementary school to high school and organizing a study plan for them.

Most of the young members of this team have voluntarily joined in order to participate in a humanitarian practice and aid the culturally deprived children of this land.

This kind of approach establishes friendly relations between the teachers and children and gradually introduces the teachers as symbols of educational success and tightens their ties of friendship. As they keep their connection after years and become close friends.

Moreover, the education team with its young, energetic, dynamic members is like a fresh air blown into the atmosphere of the organization. Most of yesterday’s teachers now play a key role in the organizational structure and use their experiences in other teams.

– Testing the educational level and strengthening the weak points by teaching and organizing a study plan.

– Getting ready for University Entrance Exam.

– Financial support for college students to continue their education.

– Providing necessary tools for learning.

– Providing suitable basis for developing children’s special talents.

– Providing stationery.

– Linking with educational institutions.

The Education Team is active in two parts: Education and Support. The education group consists of those who are directly in touch with children, like teachers, and the support group includes the ones who take part in providing financial aids, stationery, booklets, librarianship services and so on.

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