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Research Team

The Research Team is in charge of identifying new families in need and in fact, it conducts the lively rhythm of the organization. The members of this team are carefully chosen from the experienced social workers who enjoy high communicational skills and are aware of organizational concerns.

Marriage Team is one of the subcategories of Research Team which tries to “help in organizing proper and successful relations resulting in marriage for whom who are being supported”. In order to reach such target, social workers and members of Psychiatry and Supplying Teams help the Marriage Team whenever it seems necessary.

– Collecting accurate information about newly introduced families and analyzing the data.
– Comparing the new data with organization’s policies and terms of confirmation, such as being orphan and the family situation.
– Visiting new families in order to get more information from the families themselves, and not asking around in the location. This visit can be repeated if necessary.
– Presenting the research result to the board of directors for final decision.
– Introducing the social workers to the new family.
– Gradual fading from the relation between social workers and the family.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Research Team is being hyper-reliable not to uncover the personal data of families. Other teams can only have access to the necessary information to do their tasks.

Marriage Team Performance

– Identifying qualified persons regarding their age, job, education, cultural level, family status, mental and body condition, etc.
– Motivating the individuals to get married and live together, by the aid of social workers and Psychiatry Team.
– Giving advice to those who are either qualified or eager to get married, or the ones who themselves have chosen somebody.
– Introducing the best choice for every qualified individual after consulting the social worker.
– Making the two families acquainted by the aid of the social worker.
– Providing facilities for housing, buying home appliance and holding the wedding party by the aid of Supplying Team.

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