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Supplying Team

Supplying Team is one of the fundamental departments of Rahmat charitable organization. It includes different subgroups that each of them is in charge of providing some necessary items for the families:

Food: This group is in charge of preparing foodstuff such as meat, chicken meat, rice, spaghetti, legumes, sugar, tea, etc. The packaged foods are given to social workers to be distributed among families.

Detergents and Cleaners: At certain times and according to the available facilities, detergents and household cleaners are distributed among families alongside the food packages.

Clothing: Clothes are distributed among families three times a year, once as the New Year gift, second time by the start of summer and once by the start of winter.

The New Year clothes are the most complete collection of clothing which take a long time for purchase, packaging and distributing. All clothes are purchased by the social workers and distributed according to the annual timetable.

Stationery: Before the start of new educational year, writing materials for students of preschool up to pre-university are bought. They try to distribute the stationery before the opening of schools.

‌Home Appliance: After the process of introducing each new family, or in case it is needed to buy new items for families, necessary equipment are bought and distributed.

Dowry: By getting married and the birth of the first child, necessary goods are bought for new couples. In case the couple is willing to buy the goods themselves, the same amount of money is given to them.

– Providing necessary goods for families.
– On time purchase of necessary goods.
– Trying to buy goods of premium quality and price.
– Contacting factories in order to get support from them.

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